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Attention Hinesville!


advanced techniques
create confident musicians

advanced techniques
create confident musicians

Music lessons near me

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Child's Hidden Musical Talent?

✓Is your child passionate for music but needs an effective way to master the piano?
✓Are you looking to give your child a skill they can cherish for a lifetime?
✓Do you want to give your child an opportunity you never had?

Our innovative approach combines advanced techniques used by professional musicians with tailored, individualized support. Watch your child learn piano TWICE as fast, while building confidence and improving focus.

No more grumpy kids or nagging for practice. Our engaging and inspiring environment ensures they thrive, grow, and make rapid progress every week. Say goodbye to sighs and complaints.

Discover the power of our Accelerated Piano Program:
✓Expert-led instruction with full student support.🎵
✓ Showcase skills in recitals twice a year 🎶
✓ Tailored curriculum and advancement plan 🎹
✓ Learn effective practice techniques 🎵🎯
✓ Track progress and reach goals 📈
✓ Opportunities to compete in events 🏆🎵
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Take the First Step: FREE Introductory Lesson

Ready to see what your child can do? Claim your FREE introductory lesson today! They will dive right into playing the piano, discover rhythm, and learn a few songs. It's a no-obligation opportunity to explore our program and learn more.

Simple Enrollment and Flexible Learning

After the free lesson, if you feel we are a good fit for your family, enrollment is easy and hassle-free.  We offer flexible schedules to suit your busy life. Don't let time constraints hold you back from nurturing your child's passion.

Reviews from happy Parents…

Reviews from happy Parents…

“This is an amazing academy; both Mr Lucas and his wife teach the students. They work together to have children enjoy and learn to love music. We took advantage of the first free lesson and from there my son Peter started Piano lessons and quickly excelled and learned to love music, my daughter Elizabeth did the children’s program and learned about rhythm and learned to have fun while enjoying music. This is an amazing academy.” 
-Julianne Petry Grossman
“The Lucas Music Academy is highly recommended if you are looking to learn a new musical skill. We are so grateful to Melissa and the entire Lucas family for helping our daughter learn to play piano. She is really enjoying practice and we see continuous improvement in her playing each week. We look forward to the recitals as well as they capture a lasting memory to cherish for life!”
-Michael N Mary Lucas
“Lucas music is awesome! They allow students to learn at their own pace and monitor practice. After all, practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. My daughter had piano lessons before but something about the techniques used at Lucas Music has re-ignited her love for music. Not to mention, I am one of the most forgetful people alive. I get regular emails reminding me about lessons, bring books, making payments ... all greatly appreciated!! and if her some reason I still forget about a lesson they are always more than willing to reschedule my lesson because they are so understanding. I can't imagine a better place to foster a love of music. They are also very reasonably priced.”
-Roxanne Alley Snider

Ready to Book Your
FREE Introductory Lesson?

Ready to Book Your
FREE Introductory Lesson?

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I'm an adult looking for piano lessons. Do you only teach children?

We do teach adults! In fact, we have many adults in our Accelerated Piano Program right now and they are loving it! Some took lessons as a child and want to get back into learning again. Others are complete beginners that have always wanted to learn how to play piano. We welcome adults into the program and we have curriculum created specifically for you!

Why is it called Accelerated Piano Program? 

It's called Accelerated Piano Program because our students learn much faster than traditional lessons. Our musicians get full support in and out of the studio. We also use professional techniques designed to make the learning process feel easier which gets faster results. This all means happier musicians that can accomplish more than they thought possible!

My Schedule is not always the same. How flexible are you with scheduling?

We know that life can get very busy and things are changing all the time. That's why we are committed to being a flexible as possible to ensure our musicians are getting all their training each week. If you need to reschedule a lesson time, we make it stress-free and easy! 

Do you offer discounts?

We do! If there are 3 or more musicians taking lessons from us from the same family or are taking multiple instruments that equals 3 or more, we give a 10% discount to the family. We also offer a referral incentive program that gives you $30 off your next month for each family you refer to us that join the program! (And that's unlimited!) 

I'm not sure that my child will practice at home. Should I still join?

It's one of the things we commonly hear and it's one of the ways we support our families! Our program is designed to minimize the practice time needed at home. When our musicians leave their lesson each week, they already know their song and now just need to rehearse it at home. We also have a bunch of great strategies for keeping a consistent practice time at home and give tips on how parents can support.

Do you offer online lessons too?

We sure do! Our online lessons are in the exact same format as our in person lessons and are done through Zoom. It's really easy to setup and we have a camera on our keyboard so the student can see all the instructions we are giving them. Limited Availability.