Piano Lessons in Hinesville

Our students LOVE our program...and so do their parents, 
because we get RESULTS!

When your child joins our Accelerated Piano Program, they:

  • Receive personal instruction from trained professionals that have studied the best techniques available.
  • ​Have opportunities to perform in at least two recitals each year to demonstrate their skills to family and friends.
  • ​Get tailored curriculum and a plan for advancement.
  • ​Are trained on good practice techniques to use at home and in the studio for rapidly learning new music.
  • ​Receive accountability charts to help them follow their progress and to reach their weekly and long term goals.
  • ​Have opportunities to compete in events through the Georgia Music Teachers Association.
Here's what Parents of our students are saying about our program!

Corie G. 

"Lucas Music Academy has helped our kids confidence, has helped them grow and not give up even when they make a mistakes. They are now also interested in learning other instruments and singing."

Andrea K. 

"We love coming to piano lessons! She is so patient and makes such an effort to make the lessons fun and engaging. Highly recommend!!"

Andrea K. 

"The lessons and the teachers have been great. My daughter is now 5 years old and she has already completed an entire books series! I'm looking forward to where we are going to go next with Lucas Music Academy!

Mary L. 

"The Lucas Music Academy is highly recommended if you are looking to learn a new musical skill. We are so grateful to Melissa and the entire Lucas family for helping our daughter learn to play piano. She is really enjoying practice and we see continuous improvement in her playing each week. We look forward to the recitals as well as they capture a lasting memory to cherish for life!"

Jennifer O.

"I’ve found Melissa to be knowledgeable, well organized, patient and passionate about the arts. Providing a soft spoken structured classroom, she creates the perfect learning environment for students to grow. I highly recommend Lucas Music Academy for anyone, child or adult, that’s interested in taking music classes."

Andrea L. 

 "Our daughters have been taking online piano lessons from Melissa Lucas for over 5 years and we are thrilled with their progress! Melissa sees their potential and challenges them to exceed their own expectations. She goes out of the way to keep lessons new and exciting with music games, group lessons, education about music composers and instruments, and recitals. Melissa is passionate and very knowledgeable about music and cares deeply for her students."

Anna D.

We were hesitant on lessons at first because our children are very high energy and poor experiences at other places, but Melissa was willing to work with us and is doing a phenomenal job of teaching our kids at a very rapid pace. Our 6yr old son is so eager to play that he is practicing on his own 2-3 times daily and can not wait for his lessons each week.
Our 10yr old daughter is working in the accelerated piano lessons and within a month of lessons she was playing with both hands and quickly working through her book with a greater motivation and love for music. 
The fall recital was very wonderfully put on, and overall I am very impressed and thankful for the humble professionalism shown by the entire Lucas family. 

Steffanie S.

"Wonderful instructors! ...knowledgeable, patient, and kind. My son has learned so much already. We could not be more pleased with Lucas Music Academy! Highly recommended."